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Our company’s roots trace back through our president, Carlos Figueroa, who cultivated his love for gourmet foods, wines and spirits while being raised among the invigoratingly cold seas and breathtaking mountains of Chile. Carlos traveled to the United States with the intention of retaining his culture’s traditions and values. He chose New England to raise a family and to enjoy a setting and culture similar to his South American homeland, a place that boasts hundreds of years of wine appreciation and excellence, celebrating traditions and the bounty of nature.

JC Import Co. has followed these South American traditions of celebrating nature, friends and family in selecting, importing and sharing some of world’s most cherished wines, spirits and gourmet selections. With Carlos’ expertise, we have hand-selected products that match our expectations of quality and value from friends who are the winemakers, growers and producers. We are determined to offer the best gourmet foods, wines and spirits that meet strict quality, sustainability and identity standards, and have been bestowed with awards, distinctions, accolades and credibility. Our producers, vineyards and partners exhibit the best business and agricultural practices by instituting polices of integrity that they follow meticulously.

We are passionate to share in these values by searching for, selecting and distributing the finest products from South America, the United States, Italy, Mexico, France and beyond. Again, we welcome you into our family of distinct and growing lines of products from around the world and look forward to offering you service that complement our selections.