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In Situ Wines:
In Situ wines are the result of three generations of passion for terroir. Our wines are crafted with grapes selected from our best vineyards, where a limited production allows us to capture the essence of upper Aconcagua terroir in Chile. For years, the hillsides of Mt. Paidahuen have been a meeting ground for Aconcagua Valley inhabitants. Today, these slopes are home to the In Situ vineyard, where enigmatic rock drawings from ages past remain intact among native plant life and grapevines, symbolizing a union between past and present Aconcagua. Captivated by the outstanding excellence and diversity of Aconcagua Valley terroirs, winemaker Horacio Vicente settled at his family vineyard after receiving winemaking expertise in Bordeaux and California. As a result of his dedication to both winegrowing and winemaking, Horacio created In Situ wines to express the great potential of upper Aconcagua terroir.

Climate, Geography and Soils:
The In Situ philosophy is to create wines from the vineyard. Using gentle winemaking techniques, they strive to capture the full expression of upper Aconcagua terroir in every bottle. Aconcagua valley is part of the small elite of terroirs capable of producing some of the best wines in the world. Hillside vine cultivation provides rocky soil and unique solar exposure. The shallow hillside soil (12~24 inches or 30~60cm deep) was created during the Cretaceous period (65-99 million years ago) together with the Andes Mountains. Over time, rock fragmentation has created this unique mixture of eroded rock, clay and drainage capacity, a perfect combination for growing ripe and concentrated wine grapes. At the foot of Mt. Paidahuén, the Aconcagua’s riverbanks provide fluvial soil composed of drift stones and rock fragments from the Andes. The light texture of the soil regulates water retention and excess vigor, thus favoring the concentration of aromas and tannins in the grapes. The fresh noontime breeze that descends from the Andes cools the vineyard, facilitating optimal ripening conditions to express the complexity and elegance that characterize Aconcagua Valley wines.

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